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Bostonian Lori Diamond and New Yorker Fred Abatelli, have been creating and performing music together since their "destined" meeting on Myspace in 2007. These two seasoned players have put the time in, supporting other successful musical acts and the result is a magnetic duo like no other.


Lori, an award winning songwriter, combines alluring, soulful vocals and seasoned piano playing with Fred's solid finger work and clever phrasing on both bass and guitar. Their songs explore the many facets of the human condition with hope and an esoteric sensibility. Fans of Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan and Joni Mitchell, quickly become fans of Lori & Fred as they explore Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Gospel and blues influences and gently infuse them into their own fresh and original style.

With three highly acclaimed CDs under their belts, the duo has crafted exquisite melodies that employ everything from retro jazz stylings to hypnotic meditations. Songs of eternal love, self-acceptance, and powerful life lessons will soothe, excite and uplift simultaneously!


Lori & Fred have been showcased on iconic stages such as the Hanover Theatre, the Katharine Hepburn Theater, the Hynes Convention Center and have also performed at many prominent music festivals including Falcon Ridge. Sometimes as openers and other times as accompanists, Lori & Fred have performed alongside John Gorka, Peter Yarrow, Joan Osborne, Amy Ray, David Wilcox, Michael Johnson, Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul, Tracy Grammer, Brother Sun, Brooks Williams, Jimmy Lafave, Mary Gauthier and more!

LDFA continues to offer transcendent performances throughout Northeast while joyously connecting with new friends and fans.  Find them at coffeehouses, outdoor concerts and virtual performances as the world of live music revitalizes and venues continue to open.  Whether you see Lori & Fred together, as part of Fate's Landing, or supporting the ever-joyful Anelise as her Family Band, you'll be glad you did!

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