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"Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli :  Seasoned performers offering uplifting performances with skillful instrumentals, messages of hope and light, and shimmering, soul-stirring harmonies."

-Tracy Grammer, Singer/Songwriter


"Lori and Fred are a dominant local force in this lane of the musical highway, and their well-crafted albums – Lifted the latest – are necessities for a well-rounded music collection"

-Geoff Wilbur Music Blog

"Lifted is truly an uplifting experience. One can feel the love that lead to its creation while loving the voices, the music, and the lyrics that keep bringing it home beautifully to the listener."


"What struck me, besides the wonderful musicianship, was how present they were: with the audience and with the songs...they were a pleasure to watch and to hear."
-David Tamulevich Artist Management

"Lovely, lush harmonies, easy to take songs, great playing throughout - when I hear the muse strike Lori and Fred here on 'Lifted' I'm reminded why it's so wonderful to call them friends. One listen to this album and you'll want to be their friend too."
-Vance Gilbert, Touring Songwriter

"Lori and Fred are a very polished and highly musical outfit that appeal to a wide range of audiences."
-John Gorka, Recording Artist


"Stunning, stellar, beautiful, graceful, peaceful, exciting... This is the kind of music and songwriting that I live for."

-Dave Davis, Music Blogger, Radio Host

"Lifted, the new CD by Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli left me with the same impression as their live performance: Great song after great song, beautifully sung and played."
-Charlie Farren, Touring Songwriter & Front Man for Farrenheit & Joe Perry Project

"Lori and Fred bring a sophistication and artistry to their new CD "Lifted". Lori's sensitive vocals and piano with Fred's excellent guitar work bring a spirit to these thoughtful new meditations."
-Michael Johnson, Hit Songwriter

"Lori & Fred performed at our haven in the woods and we were instantly smitten. With pure, positive loving intention, they raise the vibration in any room. Their uplifting message is gently woven in their beautifully crafted songs while their music carries with it a message of love and healing, casting a brilliant light on all who are listening."

-True North Holistic Center

"Storytellers at heart, they combine a beautiful classical piano and a warm-toned guitar to make music that seeps into the soul and permeates the senses."

-Jennifer Russo, Pulse Magazine

"Lori's latest recording reflects the many aspects of her fine music...gorgeous vocals, wonderful melodies, honest, authentic subject matter, tasteful production, and she knows her way around a keyboard...a combination that yields a beautiful result..."

-David Roth, Singer/Songwriter/Inspirational Performer

"These songs respectively cut a facet of precision conveying Diamond's impressionistic, lush piano playing coupled with honey-coated vocal stylings. Heaven must be near."

-Paul Maher, Jr.., Pulse Magazine

"Diamond feeds off of emotions in a major way to where the listener is hanging on to every note & word. There is so much feeling & emotion being conveyed here that the music itself truly glistens."

-Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

"Diamond boasts a beautiful voice as she effortlessly flexes her sweet, airy ambience on an original collection of heartfelt songs."

-Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

"Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli have created a masterpiece with their new CD, True. The songwriting and production are outstanding. The musicianship is incredible and Lori's voice is gorgeous! For fans of Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos and Natalie Merchant, you may have found the fourth voice in that music genre's version of Mount Rushmore."

 -Gene Foley / Foley Entertainment, Inc.

"'True will make you want to sing along to it, and you might even find yourself comparing Diamond and Abatelli to the looming artists from the 1970s in their ability to create music that could remain popular over the decades."

-Bill Copeland,

"Her voice, lush and sexy one minute, hushed and vulnerable the next, pulls the many moods she's conjuring into sharper focus, and delivers the lyrical goods with style and substance."

-Eric Kilburn, Wellspring Sound

"The songs boast rich, textured piano arrangements and thoughtful lyrics about welcoming the positive and dealing with the troubles that ebb and flow through a lifetime."

-Scott McLennan, Music Journalist

"The lyrics are intelligent and artfully written, the arrangements are first class and the musicianship through Mystery is top notch. Mystery is an experience, and Diamond is aptly named."

-Wildy Haskell,

"Lori is able to weave through each song with strength and vulnerability while captivating listeners with her heartfelt vocals and her mastery of the piano keys."

-John Campbell,  Independents Uncovered

"This singer's voice lands somewhere between the soulful emotional impact of Sarah McLachlan and the chops and range of Joni Mitchell. Great pitch and feel. VERY RARE!"

-Jonathan Richards,

"This wonderful artist seems to have that human touch, the knack of making you almost gasp out loud ‘my goodness that's exactly how I felt when..."

-Chris Hardin, Singer/Songwriter

"When I got Mystery last week I found out what I've been missing - beautiful, lush piano, her crystal clear voice, and lots of beautiful songs about love, family and life's beauties and mysteries."

-Heather Miller, Lyrical Venus Radio Hour

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