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Lori offers private vocal lessons that are centered on the many facets of vocal performance - especially the JOY!  Explorations in vocal strength and nuance, managing performance anxiety, songwriting, connecting with your audience, social media presence, studio work, getting the gig and identifying and pursuing your musical goals.

To inquire about lessons:

"We can’t recommend Lori Diamond highly enough. Lori is a very talented musician as well as my daughter's vocal/performance teacher. Lori is a patient and compassionate teacher and is completely in tune with her students' needs. Her calming and encouraging demeanor really helped my daughter come out of her shell. Lori is also an amazing mom and one of the kindest people I’ve ever been blessed to call a friend."  

-Tracy L.

Northboro, MA


"My experience with vocal coach, Lori Diamond, has been absolutely wonderful! She has helped me explore my range and has given me the tools to become a much better live performer. I am very grateful for her expertise."  

-Lauren Grace

"I sing because I enjoy it and hope to spread a little joy to others in doing so.

Lori Diamond is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter and fabulous musician.  My experience working with Lori as my vocal coach for several months now has been a real blessing.  She is delightful, professional, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, and kind. 

Lori is teaching and instructing me about so many aspects relating to singing technique, dynamics, connecting with the song, audience, difference between  methods for performing or recording, and how it all flows and ties together.  Her easy-going teaching style and approachable manner makes it so much fun too!  Thanks to her, I am regaining my confidence and timing after taking a long break.  I highly recommend her to anyone considering vocal or music coaching."

-Debra Tyler Perry

Marlborough, MA

“An amazing transformation took place over the course of the two years that my daughter worked with Lori Diamond. Lori didn’t just work as a vocal coach with Aili. Lori taught Aili stage presence, marketing and offered song writing tips. Lori and her expertise was and continues to be a support and inspiration for Aili, culminating in Aili’s acceptance at Berklee University, School of Music. Lori helped instill so much confidence in Aili and seemingly effortlessly provided Aili with exactly the support she needed. Lori Diamond is an amazing, loving, soulful presence and her hard won expertise spans the music industry. She is the perfect guide for budding artists, young and more experienced. I cannot say enough about the tremendous passion and commitment Lori brings to her time with students"


Sterling, MA

Both Fred & Lori have years of experience in the recording studio.  Whether laying down tracks for their own material, or other artists, Lori & Fred offer their skills and professionalism to any project.

-Bass, Guitar, Piano, Harmony Vocals




To inquire about a studio project:

“My late husband, singer-songwriter Stuart Ferguson, and I have had the pleasure of working with Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli both on stage and in the studio. Lori and Fred are consummate professionals who bring their love of music, unparalleled professionalism, and easygoing sense of humor to each project they join. These two are truly devoted musicians who bring years of skill, expertise, and talent to any project.”   

-Lyn Ferguson

“Lori and Fred are consummate studio pros. They always come in really well prepared, with helpful thoughts on arrangements and production, and they have a creativity and positive attitude that makes working with them a breeze. Lori sings like an angel and has great piano chops in the folk, jazz, and blues genres, and Fred is a triple threat on guitar, Bass, and vocals. I’ve worked with these two for over 10 years and I’ve never been disappointed.”  

Eric Kilburn

"I had the honor and pleasure of working with Lori and Fred on two occasions: In 2009, when they added their beautiful instrumentation and harmonies to my songs for the release of my first CD, Life on Mars, and in 2018 when they came into the studio and contributed arrangements, instrumentation, and harmony to a song on my second CD, Rivers & Trains.  Not only are Lori and Fred consummate professionals, they bring creativity, knowledge, and a deep love of what they do to every project. For this super talented, skilled, and insightful duo, it's all about supporting the artist and serving the song."  

-Ruthann Baler, Singer/Songwriter


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