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"Lori is a purely divine channel and an elegant medium. She receives clear messages and delivers them with much grace. It is truly a gift to experience the healing of her heartfelt messages from Spirit and Beyond."

-Jolene Damon,

"The ability to pick up and translate energy from higher vibrations is evident from the moment you first hear Lori.  Whether her words are spoken or sung, they ring with a vibrant sense of truth and clarity.  When she listens, it's as if she has one ear on what you are saying while simultaneously capturing

a whisper from your angels in her other ear. Her kindness and compassion emanate from the deepest part of her soul.  You will feel taken care of and cherished in her company.  The messages you receive will be worth every ounce of peace of mind you receive from just one call with this gem." 

-Carrie Rowan,

"It was an incredible and delightful surprise when Lori approached me one day to see if I was open to hearing messages that were coming through her for me.  I had no idea that she was not only an extraordinary woman walking on this planet, but was for years carrying the divine gift of intuitive mediumship.  With my expressed permission I was then treated to a conversation with my Mother who had passed about 3 years earlier, a parent whom I have often referred to as a soulmate and my dearest friend. I’m not sure words could adequately describe the experience and the value of what she expressed to me. With fluidity and compassion and gentleness, I got to be with my Mom again and we spoke of things that could not have come from anyone else. I had no doubt that in whatever way I can begin to describe it, the spirit of my mother came through this woman who was a vessel for the highest realm of love and connection I can imagine.  I have subsequently  been witness to Lori sharing her gifts with others and it is clear to me that her humility, honesty, gentleness and sweet heart form the ideal combination of the highest form of a resource for spiritual guidance and support.  The song I wrote for my Mom is titled, “Sweetest Heart”, just sayin …….. I think Lori and my Mom drink from the same sweet well of creativity and love."

-Debra Lynn Alt,

"Lori is an AMAZING spirit of light and love. I have worked with her personally many times and she is such a joy to work with and her channeling is always SPOT ON! I HIGHLY recommend Lori's services."
-Kristen Clark,

"I have been present for beautiful channelings from Lori, and they have been beautiful and awesome. Lori is genuine, loving and intuitive, and the messages are beautiful and meaningful to the recipient. This will bring more light and love into our world and is a blessing for us all."

-Sarah Daniels Connection - Awakening to Love - Hearts First resources page 
"When I learned that Lori was a spiritual medium, it made sense. And luckily for me I called her and had a reading. It was everything I'd wanted. The person that I wanted to be there was. And Lori provided so much information and reassurance and love from the other side. It's very hard for me to put into words the magic of it all. So instead I will just say thank you."
-Tracy Clark,
“Lori is one of the most gifted channels I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with. Her pure connection to her guides and the divine flows through her easily presenting both guidance and council in moving forward with any question you have.”
-Ben Rockwell, 
"I felt an immediate connection with Lori, and the best way I can explain it is that I instantly felt so calm, so understood, and so peaceful. She delivered all of the messages, clarity, and support I had been seeking from my spirit guides. As a result of our lovely conversation, I am now moving forward in my life with more confidence and enthusiasm! Lori clearly has an exceptional gift which is further beautified by her loving soul, and I am so grateful to have been guided in her direction..."
-Christine Elise, Vocalist and Intuitive Healer
"My connection to Lori began about ten years ago.  Her music simply drew me in and my instincts told me she belonged in my life. We grew as friends, artistic sisters, and I began to see a connection deeper than music. Lori and I have always been 'in tune' in every way. Recently, to my delight, she told me she intended to share her spiritual gifts with others and proceeded to give me a reading which changed my life.  I'd lost my husband, my best friend, three years ago after a long, sad illness.  After his death I had a great deal of questions remaining. My biggest issue was missing his physical presence and him missing milestones in my kids' lives.  Lori assured me that he was with me always, present in spirit, witnessing my children's growth and my business success.  I can now smile and start to relax and enjoy life without the sense of loss.  Lori was magnificent help to me through this difficult transition.  I intend to get another reading to help me find my next steps on my path to healing."
-Cindy D'Adamo, LadyLake Music 
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